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Specialized Services

customized technical solutions

Millwright & Rigging

Millwright and Rigging Services are provided by Roberts Onsite - a wholly owned subsidiary of Black & McDonald. Since 1938, Roberts Onsite has delivered skilled, multi-trade excellence for all process machinery installations, building-related services, and energy installation projects.

milllwright and rigging

Fabrication, Engineering, and Design

Black & McDonald's Sheet Metal and Custom Fabrication groups provide turnkey and specialty metal solutions for every form of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, exhaust, environmental and yet-to-be-thought-of need.

Armed with Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Manufacturing software, and Trimble scanning equipment, our engineers, estimators, project managers, and trades people have a track record of success spanning over nine decades for industrial, commercial and institutional clients. We manage the entire process. Our resources can scan an existing environment; produce 3-dimensional drawings for the space; confirm specifications for the needed changes or additions to the facility; produce the manufacturing drawings for custom fabrications; build them and install them. That's Single Source capability, responsibility, and accountability.

With such specialized resources in our fabrication shops in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Saskatoon, our expertise extends beyond sheet metal and piping to customized electrical assemblies and unique skid and pressure vessel fabrications. Our custom metal fabrication capabilities benefit our customers by keeping their most challenging projects on-time and on-budget.

For examples of our Fabrication capabilities, please visit PROJECTS/Fabrication.

Fabrication Engineering & Design Brochure (PDF 1009KB)

sheet metal & custom fabrication

United States Operations
Integrated Utility and Infrastructure Solutions

Black & McDonald’s US Operations offer high quality electrical contracting services to customers throughout the United States. Established in 1997, our staff of more than 400 delivers a full range of electrical services to utilities, municipalities, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Black & McDonald's US Operations employ more than 275 qualified tradespeople with a full complement of equipment to handle the most challenging electrical projects. In addition, we are able to draw upon Black & McDonald's resources throughout North America to provide clients with a sizable storm response team at a moment’s notice.

Our portfolio of construction and maintenance services is comprehensive, falling into the four key areas of Electrical Services, Utility Services, Street Lighting Services and Electrical Engineering. For examples of our experience, we invite you to visit the PROJECTS section of our website.

Electrical Services

As a Full-Service electrical service provider, we provide a Single Source of highly skilled trades and technicians for all electrical service requirements. With the ability to manage all aspects of electrical projects, we deliver capability, responsibility and accountability. We continue our commitment to exceed customer’s needs through implementation of innovative and cost-effective solutions, completing work on time, within budget, and with safety always foremost in mind.

Our in-house 24/7 Call Center responds to any emergency for professional management of client assets. Black & McDonald's emergency response teams are always on standby, prepared to provide demand service at any time.

  • New Construction, Additions, Retrofits and Repairs
  • Tenant Projects
  • Data Centers and Server Rooms
  • Planned Maintenance Services
  • Energy Management
  • Full Time On-Site Staffing
  • Emergency Response (24/7)
  • Lighting Systems
  • Network/Communications Solutions
  • UPS Systems, Emergency Generators
Electrical Services

Utility Services

Our Utility Services include construction and maintenance of electrical distribution facilities, substations, traffic management systems, industrial controls, outdoor lighting, storm restoration services and more. We are proud to provide services to Rural Electrification Associations, Cooperatives, Municipalities, and Investor Owned Utilities, meeting their most demanding challenges in their most critical environments, with safety always foremost in mind.

  • Overhead & Underground Distribution
  • Service Planning and Connections
  • Storm Restoration
  • Smart Highways
  • Traffic Signals
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Outdoor Lighting (Design, Construction, Maintenance, Ownership)
  • Wireless Network Installations
  • Transmission Lines
  • Substations
  • Installation & Testing of Underground High Voltage Cable
  • Duct bank Installation
  • Electrical Manhole & Vault Installation
Utility Services

Streetlights, Traffic Signals, and Intelligent
Transportation Systems (ITS)

The company's US Operations offer design/build services to address the unique street lighting needs of our electric utilities and government customers, with particular expertise in the areas of street lighting and traffic signalization. Our innovations in the area of asset management programs for electrical facilities have made Black & McDonald a recognized expert in the industry.

By using Black & McDonald's Computerized Maintenance Management System, we have the capability to deliver Turnkey Asset Management Services to customers with comprehensive reporting to ensure complete accountability. Our contract terms include unit pricing and performance guarantees!

  • Design & Design/Build Construction
  • Comprehensive Turnkey Maintenance
  • Inventories and Surveys
  • 24/7 National Call Center
  • Night Patrol
  • Material Management
  • Asset Management
  • Dispatching Operations
  • Group Re-Lamp
  • LED Upgrades
  • High Efficiency Lighting
  • Claims Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Robust Reporting
  • Emergency Services & Repairs
Streetlights, Traffic Signals, and Intelligent

Engineering Services

Black & McDonald’s US Operation’s Engineering Services group provides design solutions to meet the growing challenges of electric utilities and telecom companies. This scope of work involves Joint Use/Make Ready Turnkey Services, Engineering and Planning Services, and Transmission/Distribution Design.

Our Engineering Services combined with in-house construction capabilities offer clients several options for contract implementation. These include Design, Design/Build, Engineer/Procure/Construct or Owner’s Engineer consulting. Our extensive construction background ensures that our engineering designs are practical and constructible.

Black & McDonald is at the forefront of Joint Use/Make Ready design services required for the massive build out and upgrade of telecom fiber systems across the U.S. We develop and implement integrated programs that allow telecom companies and electric utilities to process large quantities of joint use/make ready designs in a timely manner with consistent quality.

  • Joint Use/Make Ready
    • Field Survey/Audits
    • Pole Load Analysis
    • Routing Analysis
    • Make Ready Design
    • Permitting
    • Construction Inspection
    • Program Management
  • Engineering/Planning
    • Distribution Design
    • Field Staking/Surveying
    • Storm Assessment
  • Transmission & Distribution Design or Design/Build
    • Distribution
    • Substations
    • Transmission
Engineering Services

Press Releases

July 16, 2013 - ikeGPS and Black & McDonald Partner to Develop Next Generation Utility Asset Management Solutions (PDF 110KB)

Black & McDonald's depth of experience has made us the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. To get there took time and effort. Our management team invested in the development of our people, determined to make our highly-experienced tradespeople renowned as the best in their industries.
With over 90 years of documented lessons learned, we are able to consistently apply that knowledge - meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges, in their most critical environments.