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Black & McDonald’s Internship Program Wraps First Summer Session

This week, in Black & McDonald offices from Vancouver to Kansas City to Scarborough, our inaugural class of summer interns completed the culminating step in their internship adventure - the final presentation. Clocking in at 30 minutes, and to an audience that included the intern’s Regional Vice President, mentor, intern peers, and B&M HR and Recruitment personnel, this task presented our interns with both a significant challenge and an incredible opportunity to build skills and gain confidence to last a career.

This long view is what B&M’s Talent Development team had in mind throughout the process of building our Summer Internship Program over the past two years. Recognizing that our organization’s future rests largely on the availability of talented and skilled construction, business, finance and IT professionals, our team elected to play an active role in identifying and cultivating this essential future talent. Piloted in the summer of 2017, and officially launched this past May, the B&M program provides a bridge between school, training and work for young professionals, giving them the opportunity to ask questions, learn and grow in a supportive environment.

No quality internship experience is possible without the contribution of skilled mentors. Our 2018 program was supported by the generosity and dedication of thirty in-house professionals, who provided our interns with daily access to years of professional knowledge and perspective. This relationship is mutually beneficial, allowing the mentor to build upon their own leadership and coaching abilities, while contributing to the development of the next generation.

As our interns shared stories of challenges, strategies and successes this week as part of their final presentations, we were struck by the readiness of this next generation of talent to listen and learn, experiment and innovate. As we work to continually improve our program, we recognize the privilege of participating in developing our industry’s future talent.


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