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B&M Technician Goes the Distance on Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving, a time when most of us would be at home with family. But for Mark Lockie, a B&M plumber with 15 years of experience with the company, quickly resolving customer issues as they arise mattered more ─ underscoring our commitment to customer satisfaction and "doing the job right".

On Sunday evening, basement pumps at Little Trinity Church failed. "To give you an idea of how many people were there, that Monday we had more than 820 visitors come to cast their advance federal votes," said Kelly Donough, the site manager of the Toronto-based church.

Donough said that she was stressed that the pumps could cause a disaster and flood the site. Although she told Lockie that the problem could wait to be addressed on Monday, and that he should finish his family dinner, he wouldn't hear of it.

For Lockie, a plumbing foreman, fixing the pumps on Sunday was all in a day's work. "We're a team of 8-9 guys, and everyone takes turns being on call. That week it was my turn, it was nothing special for me to take care of her needs. It was just a standard request," explained Lockie.

The quality of Lockie's work pleased Donough, who added that he went above and beyond what was asked of him, not only fixing the problem at hand but ensuring that the facility would be problem free in the future.

"Mark came and was so considerate and efficient,” she recalled. “He's an incredible technician. I was so relieved and felt that we were in great hands."

Most people don't know the level of work B&M plumbers engage in, said Lockie, noting that most people think plumbers are only good at addressing residential problems, such as fixing leaky pipes or plunging toilets.

"Our group is excellent and not only does a huge amount of service calls, but also handles a variety of projects as well. Right now we're working at a pharmaceutical site. Last night we worked late into the evening. We're good at dealing with emergencies," he said.

"B&M is a great company to work for. My time spent here speaks for itself, and I wouldn't have stayed here for so long if it wasn't a good place to be. This company does a great job of keeping its employees happy and I'm lucky to work with such a great team."

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