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On the Road: B&M's Recruitment Team Crosses the Continent in Search of Top Talent

B&M's Winter Campus Recruitment Tour

Black & McDonald's (B&M) recruitment team is ramping up to hit the road for our 2nd Annual Campus Recruitment Tour! Our mission? To scoop up the best emerging talent the industry has to offer. HR Partners from Vancouver to Nova Scotia to Kansas City are joining forces to staff the tour and build B&M's 2020 Intern Talent Pool. Beginning in early January and concluding in March, we are aiming to identify candidates looking to step into diverse internship opportunities across the company.

The objective of the Campus Recruitment Program is to identify the right schools with the right programs and the best opportunities to interact with students and graduates. We are partnering with the regional HR community to find the best schools in local markets with programs suitable for our needs. Engaging with the right schools, and the right students, at the right times will ensure we are appropriately maintaining a strategic presence in our industry.

Armed with a list of top North American post-secondary programs, in disciplines ranging from engineering and technology to business to the support services, the team is identifying opportunities to engage and interact face-to‑face with high-potential candidates.

With the teams preparing to hit the road, Recruitment and Internship Manager, Sara Pecorella, says the B&M team is impressed by the quality and preparedness of the candidates they meet. "Candidates typically approach us with their resume in hand and their elevator pitch well-rehearsed. It's a competitive market for good internship opportunities, and the students we meet are eager to bring their theoretical knowledge to life through hands-on industry experience — which is what our program offers."

Our interns benefit from the coaching of a dedicated mentor and experience what it's like to be part of a high-performing team. They will follow a customized work plan to guide their learning, get the chance to participate in online training, and easily collaborate with other interns across North America. Maybe most importantly for young professionals is that our internships often evolve into full-time career opportunities.

For information about applying to B&M's 2020 Intern Talent Pools, visit our careers page

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