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Black & McDonald Awarded Construction Contracts for Bruce Power’s MCR

On July 24, Bruce Power announced Black & McDonald as their partner of choice to fulfill the contract for construction projects and services on their Unit 6 Major Component Replacement (MCR) project. Under the contract, Black & McDonald will provide construction services and project execution for 19 individual mechanical and electrical projects and procure material and fabricated components for use in the construction projects.

As part of Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program, the Unit 6 MCR is part of an initiative to extend the life of the Bruce Power site through 2064. Work has already begun on Black & McDonald’s newly awarded scope of work, as extensive planning is required before the Unit 6 outage begins in January 2020. At its peak, Black & McDonald will employ more than 250 trades and 75 management and technical personnel on the contract.

Not only does this project give Black & McDonald the opportunity to begin building a long-term partnership with Bruce Power, but the contract also allows the company to pursue two of its strategic priorities: giving back to the communities in which it works, and contributing to responsible energy solutions across North America and beyond. With the project operations based locally out of Tiverton, Ontario, Black & McDonald looks forward to bringing quality employment opportunities to the Grey Bruce Huron community, while enabling the continued production of clean energy for Ontarians for years to come.

Now well into its third year, Bruce Power’s Life Extension Program remains on time and on budget. Black & McDonald is pleased to be joining the project and helping to ensure its safe, economical and timely completion.

Click here to download the press release.

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