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Black & MCDonald

Why Join Our Team?

At Black & McDonald, we train, trust and empower our employees to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers. Our core values build respect, and our employees share a commitment for continuous improvement.

Our QA programs and environmental policies serve to protect our people, our clients and the public. Our Health & Safety strategies have led to award-winning achievements. Black & McDonald is a reliable and flexible contractor, operating with integrity and loyalty to its employees, customers, suppliers and communities served.

Black & McDonald offers:

  • Good starting wages
  • Many Benefits
  • Upgrading Opportunities
  • Large Economically Stable Company
  • Training Opportunities
  • Wide Variety of Work Environments
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • High Employee Morale

Our cities have very large infrastructures that consist of many types of systems. These infrastructures must be maintained and upgraded daily as the population grows and as the load on these systems increase. Many trades-people assist in upgrading and installing new components of complex power, telecommunication, and other systems.

It is predicted that there will be a shortage of trades-people in the near future due to low enrolment rates into the trades. Demographics predict that a large portion of people working in the trades will be reaching retirement in the next five years. These two factors combined will create a high demand for people in the trades & this will significantly increase job opportunities at Black & McDonald!

Black & MCDonald

    Recruitment Video

    Why Join Our Team
    Duration: 10:44

Black & McDonald's depth of experience has made us the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. To get there took time and effort. Our management team invested in the development of our people, determined to make our highly-experienced tradespeople renowned as the best in their industries.
With over 90 years of documented lessons learned, we are able to consistently apply that knowledge - meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges, in their most critical environments.