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Ryan Robertson

Ryan Robertson

Service Engineer

I am from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and began working for Black & McDonald in the spring of 2013 after graduating from Dalhousie University. While in university I participated in the co-op program where I was introduced to the HVAC industry and made a few contacts within Black & McDonald.

One of the biggest benefits of working at Black & McDonald is the variety. The projects I see are incredibly diverse; from small air conditioning replacements to complex brewery design/builds. Despite the wide array of projects, there is always someone knowledgeable within the company to reach out to for help and advice. The large customer base keeps our service teams busy — I've traveled the province tip to tip to look at jobs and have been in nearly every type of building from power plants to curling rinks. One of my greatest achievements at Black & McDonald was working on an energy performance contract for a customer in Bermuda. I travelled with several colleagues to conduct a thorough walk through and study before returning home to complete the calculations and proposals. This project introduced me to the finer details of energy efficiency and project management and continues to keep me busy.

The best part of working at Black & McDonald is the people. It's sort of like one big family, we all work together and have fun every day and it isn't uncommon to hang out with coworkers outside of work — everyone is a friend. The culture of the company is very apparent too; we strive to be the best no matter what we do. It doesn't matter who you're working with, president to apprentice, the enthusiasm to do the job right is always apparent. It's very satisfying to work with a group of people who are all on the same page and who are all fighting for the same outcome.

The training and experience provided here is excellent for anyone coming right of school. The field experience is second-to-none; I've learnt more in one day with a technician on site than I could have at my desk for months. We also have a great growth program for people who want to become leaders; the company has roadmaps created so you can fine tune your training and courses to set yourself up for success.

Outside of work I enjoy being outside, fishing, hiking, paddling and more.

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Black & McDonald's depth of experience has made us the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. To get there took time and effort. Our management team invested in the development of our people, determined to make our highly-experienced tradespeople renowned as the best in their industries.
With over 90 years of documented lessons learned, we are able to consistently apply that knowledge - meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges, in their most critical environments.