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Black & MCDonald

Business Philosophy

The Black & McDonald family of companies has a set of core values that guide our actions and the choices we make. These values and beliefs guide how we run our projects, how we interact with our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and partners, and how we deal with other employees.

This philosophy of conducting business is based upon the core values of our grandfather who established the company in 1921:

  • Do the job right regardless.
  • Talk to the customers regularly, confirm their satisfaction.
  • Make the price fair and reasonable.
  • A deal is a good one only when it is good for both parties.
  • Live up to your promises.
  • Treat employees with respect.
  • Complete jobs promptly.
  • Invoice promptly, fairly, and in detail.

One of the key factors to Black & McDonald's success over the past 95 years has been our adherence to these core values, as well as our commitment to performing work in a legal and ethical manner.

This Code and the associated policies will help to ensure that business continues to be conducted with integrity. Black & McDonald's complete Code of Conduct (pdf PDF - 1.83MB) is available here for download.

Black & McDonald's depth of experience has made us the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. To get there took time and effort. Our management team invested in the development of our people, determined to make our highly-experienced tradespeople renowned as the best in their industries.
With over 90 years of documented lessons learned, we are able to consistently apply that knowledge - meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges, in their most critical environments.