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B&M's Winter Campus Recruitment Tour

Black & McDonald's (B&M) recruitment team is ramping up to hit the road for our 2nd Annual Campus Recruitment Tour! Our mission? To scoop up the best emerging talent the industry has to offer. HR Partners from Vancouver to Nova Scotia to Kansas City are joining forces to staff the tour and build B&M's 2020 Intern Talent Pool.

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Finding the right facility maintenance partner

Facility services is far more than a one-person job. When it comes to maintaining and optimizing a facility's critical mechanical systems, it pays to align with the right professionals. What defines the "right professional"? Facility teams' answers vary depending on their objectives, but there are a few key considerations to guide your search.

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At Black & McDonald, we train, trust and empower our employees to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers. Our core values build respect, and our employees share a commitment for continuous improvement.

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