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  • Kansas City, KS

Type of Services:

  • Electrical
  • General Contractor

Markets Served:

  • Water & Wasteshed


  • General Laborers
  • Linemen

Fairfax Drainage Pump Station

The Fairfax Levee is part of the Fairfax Drainage District in Wyandotte County, Kansas. The system protects all businesses that operate in the district boundaries including, a major General Motors assembly plant. The control system is designed to monitor and control a total of forty-three pumps in eleven pump stations. The pump stations receive water from storm drainage and pressure relief wells located on the land side of the Fairfax Levee. During high river levels, the pressure relief wells discharge into a system of collection headers which transport the flow to the pump station wetwells. The pumps operate to empty the wetwell and without the pressure relief wells and pump stations, the levee could fail during high river levels. There is also a radio frequency (RF) network monitoring eleven remote pump stations sending constant information to the district office to monitor.

Black & McDonald was contracted by Wyandotte County to complete all requirements for the Pump Station Electrical Equipment Replacement project. In addition to self-performing all of the electrical work, Black & McDonald assumed the role of the General Contractor allowing the customer to work with a single source provider. We removed all the existing switchgear, pump feeds, service feeds and the Motor Control Center. We relocated the 2400 V transformer and 480 V distribution equipment as well as installed all new switchgear, Motor Control Center, service wire and pump feeds. We installed and connected all the automation and controls. One challenge was that the concrete work on the ground floor made access to the structure difficult in that we had to use the roof access until complete. We provided the owner with a coordination and Arc Flash study required for Eaton Engineering. Upon completion, we provided training to the owners and users. While performing the work, there were unusually high river levels. At owners' request, we temporarily reconnected the equipment for use.

Black & McDonald's depth of experience has made us the partner of choice across a wide range of industries. To get there took time and effort. Our management team invested in the development of our people, determined to make our highly-experienced tradespeople renowned as the best in their industries.
With over 90 years of documented lessons learned, we are able to consistently apply that knowledge - meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges, in their most critical environments.